Monday, October 10, 2011

Genee scope-A perfectly designed digital microscope for educational world

Genee Scope- A robustly built electronic microscope is smartly designed for Educational sector in particular. It’s a well built piece of equipment that simply plugs in the USB port. Best of all, Genee scope is a one-of-a-kind electronic digital microscope that carries so many features in it. Some of its prominent features are as follows:-
• Students can instantly magnify, capture and modify images or videos with it
• It’s got an easy to use focus control
• This digital microscope offers excellent optical zoom up to 100x
• Ergonomically designed with detachable camera head is an added advantage
• Its sturdy metal base makes it highly durable
• Amazingly, it carries minimal spare parts with a less chance to break or lose parts
• It’s got underneath light option for clear visibility of objects to be examined.
• Its best feature is its USB connector which is immensely easy to use with low service cost

This portable Digital Microscope doesn’t have cumbersome structure and tangling wires which is difficult to manage. Rather it is easy to carry from one classroom to another with utmost ease. Best of all, its software is easy to install & is very user-friendly to use. It helps the user to capture & edit still or moving images (including time lapse) very accurately. Moreover, Genee Scope also got annotation tools for highlighting & labelling an image, a comparison tool for layering two images over each other and a measuring tool for accurate measurement of subject matter.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Touch New Technologies with Genee Powerboard

If you are in search of a whiteboard which could serve your purpose in the best possible way, then your search ends here. The highly innovative Interactive whiteboard- Genee Powerboard is a new technology that utilizes infrared technologies to give unparalleled performance in the board room, conference suite or even classroom. This means, you can easily use this Digital whiteboard even like an ordinary whiteboard!

Only with Genee Powerboard you’ll get an advantage of recording your presentations and teaching sessions in advance. For instance, if you are a teacher or a professional who is planning to go off the job for few days due to some emergency, even then you can instantly record your teaching lessons on your personal computer, save in a pen drive and get it played in your classroom or presentation hall in your absence. Miraculously, this is possible! This wonderful feature; which you won’t get in any other whiteboard- it is called a Screen Recorder function. This means, that whatever you write on your computer or on Genee Powerboard gets recorded and can be played back on a PC or Genee Powerboard in the exact order it was recorded.

Best of all, Genee Powerboard carries an innovative Gesture Technology which makes you smoothly open, close, flip, scroll, zoom and fling images and data just with your fingers. Its immensely useful Software Toolbar is easy to use by both teachers and students. It carries an excellent Rover function that gives an added advantage of moving the page up and down without erasing the text again and again as each and every slide carried endless page length. So keep on writing!

The excellence of this wonderful interactive whiteboard doesn’t ends here. Genee Powerboard also got a sleek Pen Tray with 3 colored dummy pens, a dummy duster and a stick. The best part is that if pen go missing, you can write with your fingers in various styles as incredible technology lies in the pen tray and not in the pen.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Genee Scope- The First of its Kind Ergonomic Designed Microscope for Classrooms of Today

Genee Scope is a ‘Sensible’ Microscope which can outsmart Traditional Microscopes in every way. Some of the excellent features which this 21st century Digital microscope carries are as follows:-

Extremely Portable and Interoperable
Portability is the best feature this Student Presentation Microscope carries. Because of its portability teachers can comfortably carry it from one classroom to another classroom. It’s easy to carry sleek structure along with its sturdy base turns it an easy to store gadget.

Immensely Interoperable
Genee Scope is a wondrous digital microscope which can be easily connected to Laptop, Computer and Interactive whiteboard using USB connectivity to visualize things invisible things. Things which are impossible to see with naked eyes like dust particles, microorganisms, Blood samples, water samples etc. can be easily seen with the help of Genee Scope.

Excellent Magnification range
Unlike traditional bulky cameras, Genee Scope consists of compact battery compartment, bright LED lighting, removable camera/ Magnification head with magnification range up to 100 times which makes it excellent for viewing specimens or slides and capturing its snap shots as well.

Best suited for visually impaired students
Genee Scope is intelligently designed to provide a clear view of smallest and tiniest particles to visually imparted students as well.

Ergonomic shape
Genee Scope is specially designed by keeping ease and comfort of students in mind. The Ergonomic shape and structure of this Digital Microscope is best suited for younger students. It’s easy to grip handle for up and down movement of lens gives them an easy focus.

Robust designing
Electronic Digital Microscope is robustly housed in a sturdy plastic case ensuring high durability and minimum cleaning requirements. Moreover, Genee Scope doesn’t have any moving parts as well which makes it a most preferred option within students and teachers of today.

USB connection
Last but not the least; it has USB connection to magnify, capture and modify the images.

Besides these superb features; Genee Scope is also environmental friendly, durable, carry no power issues and does rapid focusing instantly.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Genee Toolbar- An Innovative Piece of Interactive Software

Genee toolbar; a collection of user-friendly interactive teaching tools; designed to work alongside any software application and curriculum content.

It is vivaciously designed interactive software that works very effectively in conjunction with digital tablets, interactive whiteboards, visualisers and document cameras. The best part is that it allows instant and easy access to various captivating presentation tools.

Unlike other interactive software, Genee toolbar allows teachers to teach students with utmost ease and comfort. Some of the unique features which make it different from other interactive software are:-

Completely Interoperable: - Genee Toolbar is a key to make all ICT products interoperable as it works in conjunction with the interactive whiteboards, visualisers and graphic tablets.

Immense Compatibility: - Amazingly, Genee toolbar is highly compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Conveniently placed and useful tool: - Genee toolbar takes a cosy space at the bottom of your whiteboard screen making it all the more convenient to be use by students and Teachers. Its useful icons like keyboard, slideshow, eraser, clear screen, next, back, annotation, Image Capture, Video Capture, Spotlight and highlighter can be used very effectively during presentations and classroom sessions.

Instant data video recording: - Genee toolbar also carry an option to record the teaching data, videos, images or any relevant information which is getting projected on interactive whiteboards in compressed mode or non-compressed mode for video capturing tasks.

Easy recoding with numerous video formats: - The best part is that users can easily do the data recording in number of formats including AVI, MPEG, Mpg, Dat, Flv, DivX and Wmv.

What more anyone can ask for! It’s a wonder toolbar for teachers as it allows them to move backwards and forwards though slides, stop slide shows, annotate or highlight over data displayed on the board, reveal and spotlight item of interest.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Audience Response System- Smarter solution for effective assessment

Can we imagine a world without technology? Appears worst! In my opinion, technology is a driving force for everything. Without advancement in technology; everything becomes lifeless, boring and so deadly routine. Even if a ‘pinch’ of technology gets added into our mundane routines then it can surely bring a ‘spark’ into our lives.

Similar is the case with education system. Technology plays a vital role in taking education system to the next level. A level; where everything is influenced with digital accessories, Audio-visual elements and numerous other teaching tools. Today’s generation is blessed with technologically upgraded gizmos and gadgets. Students and learners of today have easy access to all kind of ICT and AV solutions including Audience Response Systems, Projectors, Interactive Whiteboards, Touch screens, document cameras, PC, Laptop and lots more.
Amongst these gadgets, Audience Response System is a tremendous teaching solution that has changes the whole face of education system.

What is an Audience Response System?
You must be wondering what an Audience Response System is? An Audience Response System is a battery operated or chargeable handset range by which a presenter asks questions from an audience and then they reply back through their personal handsets. The students' responses are then captured by response system software through the receiver and a report gets generated in the form of table, graph, pie chart etc. Eventually, these reports can be easily displayed on an interactive whiteboards, Touch screens, P.C or on any other projection surface for an audience to see.

Inside the classroom, an Audience Response System can be used by teacher to create new quizzes for students, to prepare mock tests, to introduce real-world scenarios, to identify the weak areas of students and to fetch out their responses and feedbacks.

Genee Response systems are market leading Audience Response Systems which consists of one main teacher handset, and a set of student handsets, one handset receiver and response system software. These are used for carrying out formative and summative assessment in a classroom or lecture room. In other words, it is a highly effective interactive response system that builds up a ‘Two Way Active Communication’ between students and a teacher.

This cutting-edge interactive response system allows yes/no, true/false, numeric and multiple choice answers. Moreover, it can be integrated with PowerPoint to create presentations.

Virtual G-pad is an advance version of Audience Response System which facilitates presenters and teachers to collect share and review real time data from their audience without the requirement of battery operated response systems or clickers. It is interactive response system that has replaced usage of handsets or clickers by an interactive graphic displayed on the screen of any PC, laptop or even handheld platforms (iOS) including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Moreover, Virtual G- Pad enables students to give responses to questions asked without being physically present in the classroom.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Genee Scope – A sensible Digital Microscope for sensible Viewing

Remember the days; when we used to have heavy and bulky microscopes in our science laboratories. Those microscopes had limited mobility and least technology. We had no choices but to stand in a queue and wait for our turn to peep into those microscopes; one by one. Earlier, the view was limited to single student only. But now advancement in technology has changed everything. Digital Microscopes of today carry a capability to show what is under the microscope on a PC or interactive screen for everyone to view in the classroom.

Genee Scope is one such Student Presentation Microscope; which is gaining much popularity, especially in educational sector. With the help of Genee Scope; even visually impaired students can view objects with utmost ease. Beside this advantage, it is suitable to be shared amongst participants and students with no power issues.

This Electronic Digital Microscope outsmart traditional microscope in every manner as it consists of hidden battery compartment, removable camera/magnification head and cool bright LED lighting on top and bottom which is excellent for viewing specimens or slides and capturing its snap shots as well.

Moreover, with Genee Scope; users can easily magnify objects up to 100 times.

The novelty of this Student Presentation Microscope is that it is extremely environment friendly. One can easily explore and see; even the minutest details using this incredible Genee Scope. It can be connected to a PC, Laptop or Interactive Whiteboard using USB connectivity to visualize things which are otherwise invisible to naked eyes. This may include microorganisms, skin pores, water samples, blood samples, intense and beautiful colors of soap bubbles, dust particles etc.

The best part is that Genee Scope is sensibly designed primarily for educational purposes. It’s easy to grip handle to move the lens up and down and adjustable lens height gives the students an easy focus.

In schools, especially in Science classes and laboratories, it is best suited contemporary ICT solution. Unlike bulky and cumbersome microscope; which are difficult to be carried from one place to another, Genee Scope is highly portable and compact Digital microscope.

Teachers can easily carry it from one class to another as it is easy to carry with minimal moving and spare parts. Moreover, they can easily store Genee Scope because of its sleek size and sturdy base. Its unique ergonomic shape is comfortable to grip and fits snugly into the palms of teachers and students.

This 21st century robustly designed Genee Scope is a dynamic Electronic Digital Microscope which can be effectively used in corporate settings as well. Its USB capture allows the presenter to capture, magnify and manipulate images on a P.C, laptop or Interactive screen. This one of a kind Digital Microscope can be used inside and outside the boardroom or training room. High level of durability and minimum cleaning requirements are its plus points.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Genee View Short Throw Interactive Multi-Surface Projector

Projecting a large and crystal clear image on the screen or whiteboard is a need of an hour. There is a whole new generation of LCD and DLP short throw projectors that are appropriately designed to suffice this need.

Genee View Short Throw Projector is one such market leading projector which is perfectly designed for those who don’t have advantage of carrying out presentations in bigger spaces. The best feature of such throw projectors is that they can be installed so close to the screen or board that presenter’s shadows don’t fall onto the screen.

Some of the outstanding features of Genee Short throw Projectors are as follows:-

Ideal for Tighter Spaces

Genee View Short Throw Projector is ideal for conducting applications or presentations in tighter spaces. Its short throw lens allows for 1.52 meter image from 0.76 meter away from screen. Moreover, this ultimate interactive multi-surface projector is ideal for carrying out presentations while taking notes on the screen, or highlighting key points in real time.

Extremely Interactive

These filter free Short Throw Projectors are extremely interactive as it can turn any flat surface into interactive one. For this feature, a user just needs to plug it in and present without the need of a whiteboard or screen.

Easy to Install

These LCD and DLP projectors are easy to install; even in small setups, classrooms, small presentation halls etc. They are immensely portable and can be retrofitted into existing projector installations.


Genee View Short Throw Projector is very compatible teaching aid that works with virtually all kind of interactive software. A presenter can easily write on the screen, use mouse control, type text from an onscreen keyboard and save notes & edits for future use.

User friendly

This interactive multi-surface projector is easy to set up and use. User can simply plug it into a computer source, save the software, respond to a straightforward 13 point calibration and it’s ready to interact.

Besides these features, Genee View Short Throw Projectors carry multi language on-screen display, image freeze functions as well. With these, presenters can write on the images with colors and highlighting tools and save drawings, images, edits to the image folder; on the PC; for later viewing.

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